Juicy J ft. Miley Cyrus new “23” song

Miley is everywhere on the Web. Whether naked or twerking, if you haven’t seen the last top Google searches. Miley Cyrus has turned as an “MC”. The young pop songstress is rapping on Juicy J video featuring. She’s wearing the number 23, also known as Michael Jordan famous number. She wears it well and she’s really hot.

Big hip hop fan or not, we have to say it: she needs some flow lessons. She has a lot of work to prove herself as a real MC.  You don’t have to be from Mars to understand, that the twerking thing, joint smoking and all bad ass attitude is marketing plan for a rap culture quest. She has always been queen of pop country rock, but she hasn’t convinced the Rnb/Hip hop culture yet, a new music niche that she needs to conquest. Good luck to her and her team. And, it’s clever, we can’t say otherwise.

She’s so not done trying splash her face all over the Internet, she started a clash with Sinead O’connor no later than yesterday and she’s  all nake, again!

Watch this. I thought this blog was about music and not all tabloid.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus topless

Miley Cyrus transparent top

Adios Hannah Montana! Good Day Hottie Miley Cyrus

Adios Hannah Montana! Good Day Hottie Miley Cyrus


All eye balls are pointing towards the Ex-Hannah Montana gal. Well, she made her statement: she’s clearly not a little girl anymore.

Her brand new songs are marked with sexy taste accompanies of  freedom and feminism.  The caterpillar has shifted to a hot butterfly. And guess what? Miley Cyrus is going to the next level. She has set the Web on fire with her totally naked new clip. Unbelievable!! The young adult is naturally getting out of her comfort zone. For some people it’s a scandal, for almost 145 million viewers she’s the best of the best. Yes, the young lady scored as many views on her Youtube Vevo channel. Can you believe it?

Miley Cyrus is all over the Internet trying to sell us her new single ” Wrecking ball”. Her fan base community can’t stop listening and looking at her. In case you haven’t heard what is in everyone’s mind. Watch it now!

First Post and How Awesome is Daft Punk?

For my first post I’m going to have to give you guys something particularly special. But first this blog is here to really talk about music in all its incarnations. It’s to talk about the great the great art and also those celebrating other people who celebrate musicians and their music.

So the first post needs to really share something special. The thing that came to mind was how Daft Punk is once again shaking-up the music world. Pitchfork has a great, no amazing, web page detailing so expertly how awesome Daft Punk is in its newest incarnation.

Daft PunkThe page opens with,

After 20 years, the world has finally caught up with Daft Punk, so the helmet-clad retro-futurists are embarking on a new mission: to make music breathe again

Check-it out here: