Is Blurred Lines too sexy?

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Robin Thicke’s hit single, Blurred Lines. It’s obviously a song meant to have a lot of sex appeal – but is it doing the trick?

The song has been banned from multiple college campuses in the US, with people citing the lyrics as cause – many people feel that, far from being sexy, the lyrics are sexist and promote sexual activity that isn’t considered consensual (hard to get less sexy than that!). But still others feel that the lyrics can be given a feminist slant, and that the sketchier lyrics amount to nothing more than some commonly used dirty talk between consenting partners.

We’re not here to judge, but it does beg the question of what makes a song hot. The imagery in Blurred Lines is unabashedly sexual – maybe even too sexual, as it not only leaves nothing to the imagination but maybe reveals a bit too much of the writer’s intentions. While some people may like being treated like a piece of meat (again: no judgement!), others recoil at the idea. A truly sexy song walks the line between objectification and respect. Jaime Dornan and Justin Timberlake have had more success in titillating without offending recently than Robin Thicke – maybe precisely because they understand that some lines aren’t meant to be blurred.



See the unrated version below:




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