Flashback Friday: Christina Aguilera

I still remember when the videoclip of Christina Aguilera came out, everyone was freaking out saying that it was outrageous. She is now one of the judges on The Voice the hit TV show and dresses normally and obviously does not apply as much makeup as she used to in her “Dirrty” days. Indeed, Miley Cyrus did not change the wheel, Christina Aguilera did. She was a good goody two shoes in the Britney Spears Era, she decided to reinvent herself by launching a video exactly like Miley did with Bangerz. All the PR buzz around her makeover gave even more coverage to the Dirrty Video.


Dat Ass in those chaps are out of control. Her body was at its peak back then with those beautiful abs and perky tits. I can’t say that i dig her hair. I feel like she didn’t wash it for years. I think she would be very good in bed with all these dance moves! The good thing is that there’s so much lube in that video and on her I wouldn’t need to add more.

Anyways, I feel like this song really made her career and her fame. Without this song she wouldn’t even gotten the role on The Voice. She had Genie in a Bottle and that’s about it. This is to prove that without an original PR stunt like she pulled your career can go in the garbage. Miley Cyrus you really learnt from the best! I wonder if you have the same publicist as her.






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