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One Direction’s Adult Fanbase


London-based boy band and pop group One Direction is probably best known for it’s legion of screaming teenage and adolescent fans, but the group has another fanbase – more and more, adult women have been flocking to their concerts, taking up the running of popular One Direction blogs, and writing articles about the feminist appeal of the boy band.

The group, who reached pop star status with songs like “What Makes You Beautiful”, has faced some controversy – some critics feel that the songs promote low self-esteem to young girls, and paint a lack of confidence as a desirable trait in young women. However, the women who love One Direction feel that songs like “What Makes You Beautiful” carry a positive message for some girls. “It’s frustrating because the wonderful thing about What Makes You Beautiful is that a lot of us don’t know or think we’re beautiful.” says writer Clem Bastow for Daily Life. “Certainly from the age of about 13 to 27, despite looking like a perfectly reasonable young woman, far from knowing I was beautiful I was more or less convinced I looked like a goblin.” Bastow says that this is why so many adult women find appeal in the songs of the five young men – that and the boys’ ambiguous sexuality (something they have also faced criticism for, with critics calling the group “a little gay” despite many of the boys having girlfriends – one of them even dated Taylor Swift!) makes them seem like “safe” icons for both young women and adults alike.

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Is Blurred Lines too sexy?

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Robin Thicke’s hit single, Blurred Lines. It’s obviously a song meant to have a lot of sex appeal – but is it doing the trick?

The song has been banned from multiple college campuses in the US, with people citing the lyrics as cause – many people feel that, far from being sexy, the lyrics are sexist and promote sexual activity that isn’t considered consensual (hard to get less sexy than that!). But still others feel that the lyrics can be given a feminist slant, and that the sketchier lyrics amount to nothing more than some commonly used dirty talk between consenting partners.

We’re not here to judge, but it does beg the question of what makes a song hot. The imagery in Blurred Lines is unabashedly sexual – maybe even too sexual, as it not only leaves nothing to the imagination but maybe reveals a bit too much of the writer’s intentions. While some people may like being treated like a piece of meat (again: no judgement!), others recoil at the idea. A truly sexy song walks the line between objectification and respect. Jaime Dornan and Justin Timberlake have had more success in titillating without offending recently than Robin Thicke – maybe precisely because they understand that some lines aren’t meant to be blurred.



See the unrated version below:



Thirty Seconds to Mars: City of Angels

I remember my little sister posting pictures of Jared Leto all over her room, she found him so attractive. For me he really seems like a huge douchbag. He just came out with an impressive new video from Thirty Seconds to Mars, City of Angels. He casted Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, Selena Gomez, Ashley Olsen, Lily Collins, Olivia Wilde, James Franco, Shaun White, Corey Feldman, Alan Cumming, and Steve Nash, as well as some lesser-known L.A. performers like Christopher Lloyd Dennis and a Marilyn Monroe Look-a-Like.

I won’t lie the music is pretty bad and the only thing good about this video is what most of the artists are saying. I was constantly skipping the music to hear what the stars wanted to say. I must say that the most touching parts where probably when Kanye said: “This city took my mother, but it also gave me my child”. Kanye West is talking here about losing his mother and about Nori West, his daughter with Kim Kardashian.

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When Corey Feldman spoke about his childhood, people knew about him before him even knowing his own name. His parents needed money and exploited him since he was 3 years old.  He also mentioned that he went as high up in fame and went to the bottom of the barrel, more than someone takes the elevator.  Sad story to hear really.

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We also have D-Listers that live in the streets and that are still hoping for fame very sad. The one that really stayed in my mind was the Porn star and after a bit of research I found out she was actually known as Brandy Aniston. She said yes, I’m a star… A porn star. So sad to think she came to LA and finished working as a porn star, not exactly what she imagined.

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Brandy Aniston Thirty Seconds to Mars City of Angels Heather Levinger

Basically the music was really bad, I would skip all the music part and just listen to the interviews in City of Angels. The interviews were really interesting.


Flashback Friday: Christina Aguilera

I still remember when the videoclip of Christina Aguilera came out, everyone was freaking out saying that it was outrageous. She is now one of the judges on The Voice the hit TV show and dresses normally and obviously does not apply as much makeup as she used to in her “Dirrty” days. Indeed, Miley Cyrus did not change the wheel, Christina Aguilera did. She was a good goody two shoes in the Britney Spears Era, she decided to reinvent herself by launching a video exactly like Miley did with Bangerz. All the PR buzz around her makeover gave even more coverage to the Dirrty Video.


Dat Ass in those chaps are out of control. Her body was at its peak back then with those beautiful abs and perky tits. I can’t say that i dig her hair. I feel like she didn’t wash it for years. I think she would be very good in bed with all these dance moves! The good thing is that there’s so much lube in that video and on her I wouldn’t need to add more.

Anyways, I feel like this song really made her career and her fame. Without this song she wouldn’t even gotten the role on The Voice. She had Genie in a Bottle and that’s about it. This is to prove that without an original PR stunt like she pulled your career can go in the garbage. Miley Cyrus you really learnt from the best! I wonder if you have the same publicist as her.