Bob Sinclar “Cinderella” (She Said Her Name)

Ouffff, this video is SIZZLING. I mean, the girl is DDG (drop dead gorgeous) and the beat is pretty sick too. Not “World, Hold On” caliber (is it?) in my opinion but not far behind. But there is no doubt that the video definitely helps – multimedia (sorta) saves the day. Bob Sinclar, although he has never been as ubiquitous as his counterpart David Guetta, has a stronger sound. His hits have catches with quality that some artists spend a lifetime pursuing. His talent became known more widely in North America upon his single Love Generation, which if you’re not familiar with I urge you to give it a listen here. Within the same year, his single World, Hold On was release and nominated for a Grammy. Again, you should listen to it here if you haven’t already. The subsequent year, Bob Sinclar released Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) which topped the charts again, especially in the UK – have a listen here. The next year (2007), Sinclar’s Sound of Freedom became his next hit – listen here. He has had subsequent success with later works, but not to the extent as the ones mentioned above. He kind of fell off my radar, until now, with Cinderella. His music has a consistent quality to it, and Sinclar pulls clear inspiration from Reggae, Raggamuffin and Hip Hop despite his sounds being definitively Electronic (Electro House, French House, Hip House, Dance, House). Bob Sinclar was born in Douarnerez, France (far west coast) under the name of Christophe Le Friant. Although, TBH, if I didn’t know anything about him and simply came upon his music today, I’d be convinced he were South African. Just my 2 cents…

I couldn’t help but hook you guys up with screenshots of the music video. If you didn’t really feel like watching it you might just change you mind after these 🙂


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